What We Do

At Modea, we solve big, gnarly problems. We want the problems that can’t be solved without outside help, the tough nut to crack, the Gordian knot that no one thinks can be untangled. Those are the problems we have built ourselves from the ground up to solve.

We help great companies become great digital companies.

We are in the transformation business. Ultimately, we want to teach your company how to change, and develop the digital mindset and skills to transform into a digital leader, no matter what your industry. We can help you devise a digital strategy, chart a development roadmap, staff a new team, and lead your organization through change.

We help great companies build great digital products.

From helping Prudential develop the next generation of retirement products, to building software that helps LENOX customers design the perfect cut with an industrial band saw, we help companies that are great at what they do create great digital products. We call it product augmentation, and it’s one of the keys to lasting digital transformation.


If the problems our clients brought us were easy, they would have solved them already.

It’s why the strategic team at Modea dives into every aspect of your marketing practice, the dynamics of your industry and consumer challenges. Modea unleashes the skills of business strategists with years of digital and marketing experience on every client engagement. We also believe that doing strategically grounded work is of paramount importance. We want to help you transform from where you are, to the company you want to be.


At Modea, we believe in design that works.

Design is more than pretty colors and images. Functional, systems-based, user-focused, problem solving design thinking is a core practice baked into every solution we provide. Modea’s design philosophy harnesses best practices to delight consumers while achieving business results.


Competence is table stakes.

Simply building a website on time is not enough. We see software development as a capital project – an investment in thinking and resources that needs to create enduring value for your enterprise. Our software engineers are ‘big picture’ thinkers, concerned with solving marketing problems, and building solutions that work great. We don’t pretend to be an expert in everything, but we are experts in finding the best solution for you. When we know we need a specialist, we’ll find the best possible fit for your project and your company.


Our team and your team is one team.

A lot of software companies use Agile development. At Modea, the difference is how we use it. For us, Agile is the vital connective tissue between our team and yours, forming a single, integrated functional team that goes far beyond the standard client vendor relationship. What it means for our clients are fast, visible results that start working almost immediately, and progressively improve over time.

We don’t stop at project management. By working in partnership, we teach your organization how to become “digital.” We have helped clients reorganize departments, staff new positions, and adapt the Agile process for their own business.